Our business model is designed to offer freedom of choice. We can achieve this as we are impartial – we are not aligned to an individual carrier, provider or supplier – therefore we can be objective when identifying the optimal solution to meet your specific business needs.


No other managed service provider offers a similar level of transparency and control. That is why we designed Matrix – a comprehensive suite of online service applications – to give the customer the visibility and control that they want.

Sustainably Competitive

An inherent benefit of the integration model that we employ is our ability to seamlessly integrate new and innovative technologies as and when they become available ensuring that you maintain your competitive edge in your chosen market.

Breaking News...

Breaking News...

Major new study:

Easynet and Ipanema unveil the results of ‘Killer Apps 2013’, the second iteration of this major study into the performance of ‘networked applications’.

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Sports Direct accelerates international expansion strategy - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sports Direct, the leading sport’s retailer in the UK with branches across Europe, has extended its relationship with Easynet in order to support its international growth plans. Since 2009 Easynet has provided high performance managed connectivity for Sports Direct’s retail network, which consists of more than 500 outlets in the UK and shops in over 19 countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Austria and Slovenia) on the continent.

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How going digital can help your business - Thursday, June 26, 2014

The tech industry is riding on a wave of optimism, as research shows that investment in new technology is growing at its fastest rate since 2006. Business leaders are focused on growth, rather than on cost reductions and improving business efficiencies. For businesses large and small, this is about expanding into different markets and exploring new opportunities. Businesses are confident and ambitious: 30% of businesses plan to enter new markets in the next 12 months, and 64% within the next two years.

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My view: Why hybrid may be the best option - Sunday, October 05, 2014

My view on cloud begins by discrediting one of its biggest myths. Enterprises are led to think all types of cloud are a cheaper alternative to hosting their data on-premises.

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