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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

What is Managed Video Conferencing?

Easynet has a full portfolio of video conferencing and telepresence solutions supported by a leading 24x7 Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC).

Customers with multiple global sites can reduce travel costs and improve productivity and business effectiveness by utilising Easynet's video conferencing solutions providing high quality, reliable video collaboration between locations.

How does Managed Video Conferencing work?

Easynet's video conferencing range of solutions can be tailor made to fit exacting customer requirements whether it be software clients, desktop systems, room systems or immersive rooms. Our portfolio includes supply of both Polycom and Cisco endpoints as well as the ability to integrate existing customer equipment. As well as this we provide a fully managed service wrap with 24x7 VNOC to ensure a consistent high level of support.

Customer Value
Reduce travel costs Avoid unnecessary travel expenses by connecting employees face to face using high quality video
Increase productivity Enable internal and external teams as well as customers and suppliers to interact easily to improve business productivity
Fully managed service Avoid investment in internal resource and systems and ensure your video conferencing solution is managed by experts 24x7
Reduce carbon footprint Help the environment by reducing carbon heavy travel necessary for physical face to face meetings
Improve business continuity Ease your continuity concerns by using our services with high availability SLA’s and backed by a resilient and diverse network
Accelerate business decisions Speed up your business processes by increasing the ease of collaboration between employees wherever they are in the world

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